What ages, levels, and styles do you teach? 

I teach everyone from beginner to professional singers.  I also teach most styles of singing, with my major specialties being classical and musical theatre.  In terms of the age of my students, I have taught as young as 5, and as old as 70-something.  When teaching children, as long as they can read, I am happy to take them on.  

Do you offer online/virtual lessons?

Since Covid-19 fell upon us, I sure do! At this point, with restrictions lifting and very high rates of vaccination in BC, I prefer to teach in-person. However, lessons on Zoom or FaceTime are still possible for those who live outside of BC, or more than an hour from New Westminster. A virtual lesson is also possible when a student has symptoms of illness, but still wants to have their lesson, or when circumstances happen that make attending an in-person lesson impossible.

Do you teach anything besides voice?

I can also teach music theory and sight-singing.  I also enjoy doing workshops with choirs and corporate groups.

What happens in a typical voice lesson?

Voice lessons usually begin with a technical session where we work on the fundamentals of voice production, breathing, and support.  The technical session is followed by work on repertoire where we put the technique into practice, as well as working on the presentation aspects of a song.

Will I have to practice/do homework?

If you want to see improvement, then yes, you will have to practice.  At every lesson I will give you some aspects of technique and repertoire to focus on for the week.  I also email notes after every lesson, if the student does not record their lessons. However, the recording of lessons is strongly encouraged.  If you practice you will notice your voice getting better, our lessons will run much more smoothly and efficiently, and you will feel great!

If we are working on theory or sight-singing, I may assign you some homework between lessons. Again, if you do this work, you will learn faster and our work in lessons will be more effective.

How much are lessons?

I have three options: 30-minute lessons cost $45; 45-minute lessons cost $60; a full hour costs $70.  Together we can figure out what will be best for you or for your child.

Are there other fees involved in voice lessons?

You will need to purchase music. I will tell you what books I would like you to get, and of course, feel free to purchase any music you would like to work on.  If you wish to do Royal Conservatory exams, or to perform in any festivals or competitions, there will be application or entrance fees involved.  For any performance you wish to do (and I do encourage my students to perform), you will need a pianist, and professional accompanists are always the way to go. When compared with fees charged for sports, drama lessons, dance lessons, and other extra-curricular activities, all of these costs are quite reasonable.

Where is your studio located? 

I am located in the Connaught Heights neighbourhood of New Westminster, BC., very easy to get to by transit or driving.  Contact me through this site for exact location.